Friday, July 10, 2009

To accept or not accept...that is the question...hmmmm

Well, I just found out that I was accepted into an art show in Oklahoma City, OK, in September. It will be Labor Day weekend. Now I have to decide whether to setup or not. I had this plan to do three more shows this year and then decide whether or not I wanted to continue selling my art through shows. Well, when I did Main Street earlier this year I got a bit discouraged, as dolls seem like a bit of a hard sell. People just loved my work, but just could not picture where to put them in their house. I then thought about making more animals to offer also with my dolls, but then I was a bit afraid that people would think they were toys and not a piece of art, so I would not be able to charge what they were really worth. I then thought well I will just work on purses, but no shows were accepting my purses, only my dolls and animals. Now I just don't know. I have to make a decision quick though, as I have to have my booth payment in by July 24th, so do not have much time to mull over this one. Till next time....

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