Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh my goodness...where has the time gone????

Last night I pulled out my calender and realized I have 8 weeks until Main Street in Fort Worth, Texas. Oh my goodness, when I was accepted I had like 5 months, plenty of time, now I only have 8 WEEKS!! Honestly, where does the time go. I figured I have to finish at least a doll a day for the next 4 weeks to be close to where I need to be. I also have to get a merchant account, setup my display, make table skirts, make small pin dolls, etc........ Hmm, I think it is time to make a check list of everything I need to do and start daily updating and going down the line. I currently have 30 doll bodies in different stage, but they are all sewed and just about stuffed, so that just leaves hair, faces and costuming, which takes a while, but at least I am close.

I think the big thing is that this is my first show like this ever, so the next shows will be easier, as I will already have an idea of what is expected, how many items I really need to have finished, and already have my display setup and ready. Well, this is quite the learning experience, but even though I am stressed about getting everything done, I am feeling so good about this. It is like a new door opening, a new opportunity, I guess the first step to actually doing what I enjoy. Well, till next time....

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