Friday, February 20, 2009

Trying to get organized, is it really possible?

Hmm, I went today and got a new drawer/shelving unit to sit next to my bed, as right now I have bags, sacked on top of boxes, stacked upon who knows what of the doll supplies I use when I am watching TV and working on dolls. Container Store is having a sale and I got one of those nice metal shelf racks with trays that pull out and was normally like $100 and I got it complete for $45. It was a display model. I will now have a tray for my paints, one for my doll parts, one for other assorted stuff so maybe I can actually get on my side of the bed. What a novel idea, LOL. Now my sewing room, that is a completely different story. As long as everything in there is in boxes and not falling on my head I think we will be fine for a while. I did have a whole can of beads fall on my head a while back when I was sewing though. Talk about a shocker. I was sitting there just a sewing and this cookie tin with big pearls and other types of beads comes crashing down on my head and these beads go everywhere. I am still finding beads and that happened several months go.

On a different subject, the doll pic in this post is a doll that won one of Mary Tressler's witch challenges and I have no idea where this doll flew off to. I had her in a booth that I used to have in an antique mall here locally and when I went to move out my items had been moved to another booth and she was missing. I still have her hat and broom, but who knows where she is. I hope she is in a good home, as I kind of miss her. Oh well, I saw her pic in my picture folder and thought I would let the world see her. Who knows, maybe somebody who sees this blog can tell me where she is - he he he. Till next time.....

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