Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where does the time go??

Well, here I sit realizing Main Street is in less than seven weeks and I have unfinished doll bodies lying everywhere with next to nothing finished. This really is not good. I have been slammed with work and have lost my day off somewhere. I am so tired and right now feel I am at a crossroad of how to pay the bills, but still be able to make a living from my passion. Hard choice I guess, as I like having a roof over my head, the lights on and running water, but I am so tired of typing, typing, typing that I could just scream. Hmm, I think my Zoloft has quit working - LOL. I guess in this economy right now I should be glad I have so much work, but sometimes money isn't everything. Oh well, hopefully this weekend I can get the last 8 doll bodies done that I have left to sew and then I can start costuming, painting faces and finishing dolls, so then I can feel more prepared for the upcoming show. Till next time.....

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